Existing Alliance Members Upgrade Option

As explained in my recent email we are moving across to a paid subscription model for the directory going forward in order to maintain the site and ensure we can offer users the independent high quality experience they want and expect from this website resource.

As a current member of the Alliance with a current listing on the site we would like to offer you offer you a 50% discount on your first years subscription i.e. sign up for 12 months at just $50/month + GST and save $600.00 so that you can assess the value of your listing.

Once you have completed the first year you can either renew at the full $100/month + GST or go for 6 months at $110/month + GST. If you do not wish to pay for a subscription you can just do nothing and revert to the basic free plan but please note you will not get same listing criteria as you currently have – see details below*.

If you wish to subscribe to the discounted 12 month subscription offer use the buy now link in the panel below.

If you do not want to subscribe – do nothing and we will move you to the basic free plan*

BSAA 50% discounted Standard Subscription for your first 12 months

$50/month + GST

List your business across all the categories you work within in one geographical location for 12 months.

Retain your current Profile page with your image, full description, map listing, full contact details: email, phone etc and a link to your website or social platform website link and customer reviews.

Access to update your own listing (content changes are subject to BSAA approval)
Please note that this offer only applies to your first 12 month subscription and to customers who are already listed on the directory as at 28/2/23.


*The alternative Free Plan option consists of:

A text only listing for your business in up to 2 of the of the 10 BSAA categories subject to acceptance.Company name, a one-line (max 250 characters) description and phone number. Free listings will appear after all paid BSAA Membership listings and will not be promoted or have links to their website.Listing will need to be re registered every 12 months to ensure no change in eligibility.