Barbecue Installations

Barbecue Installations – by ‘Alliance members’

If you think a handyman can carry out gas work think again! There is NO substitute for a good reliable Gas fitter to install your Barbecue.

IT IS ILLEGAL and UNSAFE to convert or install any BBQ on Natural Gas without proper qualifications and a gas license

Regulations do vary ‘Australia wide ‘but each state has licensed and qualified Gas fitters to carry out this kind of work safety and thoroughly.

Our ‘Alliance’ members that carry out this work are extremely competent and will only convert Barbecues that are approved for conversion.

All our trades are reliable and qualified, if you have a good experience with one of them, please tell us. Similarly, if the work is not up to our minimum 5-star standard let us know. You can put a review up on the BSAA site yourself so that all our trades and customers can see.

In-built Barbecues can be fitted either ‘hard-piped’, which is copper piping or on a bayonet fitting. 

Pressure to the BBQ is very important so that the BBQ has enough heat to cook your food rather than stew it, so correct pipe sizing is essential. You may find companies that will quote you lower but they will probably use smaller pipe thereby your BBQ will be struggling for gas and not provide enough heat; this is a short-term saving as you will never be happy with the BBQ’s cooking ability. Too often when I go out to customers homes when they claim it’s the BBQ that’s the problem it is ALWAYS the supply! Let me give you a rule of thumb:

1/. The bayonet socket should have ¾ inch OR 20mm piping to within 500mm of the socket.

2/. Almost all runs of piping should be 20mm piping to the BBQ unless it is running on LPG bottles or your gas meter has been upgraded to 2.75kpa pressure (elevated pressure).

DISCLAIMER: “Everybody is fallible and we are no exception, so we have to say that BSAA will not in any way be held responsible for the accuracy of this page, whilst we endeavor to ensure the information is correct it is always wise to contact your local State energy governing body for current regulations and your local BBQ store to make sure that your BBQ is approved to run on Natural Gas”.

BSAA Admin
Author: BSAA Admin

BSAA was set up by Ross Yarranton as an ‘add-on’ to his BBQ Consulting and repair business owing to the many calls he was getting from all parts of Australia for similar BBQ services that are provided by Companies in Perth Western Australia. ‘Where can I get my BBQ fixed?’- NSW ‘Can this BBQ be converted to Natural Gas?’- Brisbane ‘Do you sell BBQ Spare Parts?’- Melbourne ‘Can you come out and service my BBQ as the ignitions don’t work?’ – Sydney ‘Where can I get my BBQ cleaned?’- Perth WA …and the list goes on.. So, he decided to set up a business that works on a map location basis that enables customers to easily find the right person in their area or State that can help. You can find them by Location or Service. These may be multiple businesses that may provide the same service but are good enough to be in the ‘Alliance’ to give more choice.. Businesses are picked by their own reviews and their BBQ expertise or if they are service agents for any BBQ Manufacturers like Barbeques Galore or GasMate etc., New businesses can also join via the website but are vetted by...