Weber Q BBQ – Flame Failure Caravans – further update – 01/12/2023

Weber Q BBQ – Flame Failure Caravans – **further update – 01/12/2023** – Note: we are the only website that provides

Weber ff updates!

1st December 2023

NEWS! 1/12/2023

Retrofit now available WEBER Flame Failure link

Weber now expect the retrofit to be available in November this year – watch this space!

(Apparently now it will cost about $200, runs off 12 volts and it quite big.. This is just what I have heard nothing factual yet!)

More information on the Weber Q Retrofit, now coming late 2023, read on for further details, taken directly from the WEBER website:

  • When will Weber’s flame safeguard device be available?

Our innovative flame safeguard device for the Weber Baby Q has been reviewed and accepted by all Australian State and New Zealand Gas Regulators and is in the final stages of certification. It will be launched later in 2023.

  • When it’s made available, can it be retrofitted to a Weber Baby Q?

Yes. It will be available as a retrofittable device to suit both newly purchased ‘out-of-the-box’ Weber Baby Q barbecues and in-market Weber Baby Qs (Q1000 and Q1200).

  • Will new Weber Baby Q’s be available to purchase with the flame failure device already fitted?

No. It will only be available as a retrofittable device to suit both newly purchased ‘out-of-the-box’ Weber Baby Q barbecues and in-market Weber Baby Qs (Q1000 and Q1200).



Can I connect my Weber gas barbecue to the piping or gas supply of my caravan or boat?

To comply with the updates to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5263.1.7:2020 (Gas appliances: Domestic outdoor gas cooking appliances), you should not connect a gas cooking appliance to your caravan or boat if:

it was manufactured post recertification and carries a permanent marking stating “Do not install in, or connect to consumer piping or gas supply system of a boat or caravan” (printed on data label on Weber barbecues); and

It does not have a flame safeguard device fitted.

If your Weber gas barbecue does not have the permanent marking on the data label, stating “Do not install in, or connect to consumer piping or gas supply system of a boat or caravan,” it was manufactured prior to recertification. The updates to the standard are not retrospective, so do not apply to these barbecues. For further information, please refer to this NewsFlash from the Australian Gas Association.

We recommend you contact your caravan’s insurance company and review your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) if you have any questions regarding your policy’s inclusions.

Note: information taken directly from Webers Australian website:


Another BBQ that has flame failure, Came across this recently, well its another BBQ with FF, so hey have a look check it out, it ticks all the boxes!!! But Sorry no more news on the weber!

The Ziegler and Brown Nomad series is available for now, from $499.00* so check it out, no retrofit just a BBQ with Flame failure follow the link below..:


WEBER Q’s – Flame Failure on a Weber Q? Apparently Weber are looking at a “retrofit” which will allow a Weber Q to be used in a caravan / boat. Currently the regulations are that if a BBQ, like a Weber Q are attached to a caravan by way of a bayonet fitting they are considered a fixed appliance within the ‘reticulated’ system of the caravan / RV and therefore must be fitted with a Flame Failure safety system, which will allow the gas to stop if the flame goes out.

I believe that there have been a few safety issues recently that have caused Govt Gas Departments to start enforcing this. This ruling has been around for a while and like everything, they dont advertise the change to the people that matter, and if they do they dont make it well known!

However, according to my own sources Weber are working on a retrofit.

**24/1/2023 Another rumour has it that the retrofit is a hose reg assembly that has some sort of attachment that makes the Weber Q comply? We will wait with interest!!

Barbeques Galore now have a Flame Failure Ziggy single grill barbeque (below) that also can be used on a caravan, not a retrofit but made with flame failure, I am told that is available now!.

It can be very easy for the public to be very confused by this as flame failure DOES NOT mean that an appliance can be used indoors (most of the time it is just an additional safety system), remember IT MUST BE APPROVED FOR INDOOR USE AND BE COMPLIED AS SUCH WITH AN APPROVED COMPLIANCE PLATE. There are very few Barbecues on the market that have FF fitted AND are approved for indoor use.

I will find out more and update the website, but in due course I suggest using an LPG bottle rather than a ‘plug in’ bayonet for now, but please be aware that any BBQ that is part of the caravan system, that is, ‘a slide out bbq’ etc., must now have FF…..

CAUTION: If you do have a bayonet fitted to your caravan and you use a bbq without flame failure it may jeopodise any insurance claim if you have an incident. Something to think about!

Ziggy Nomad available now!



Be Safe….AND if you are not sure please email me at and I will explain further about ‘flame failure’, alternatively email me your mobile and I will give you a call, remember that I am here to help and the advice is free. Ross

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*this price may be subject to fluctuation, Barbitec takes no responsibility if this price is not current at the time of purchase. The information contained in this blog is obtained from various sources and may not at all times be accurate, readers should contact the manufactures to get the latest information … (pictures courtesy Barbeques Galore & Weber)

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