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Getting the right person to Install your brand-new Barbecue can be difficult as it is a skilled job. You spend time looking for the perfect BBQ, money on a great Alfresco area your friends will be envious of and ?? the BBQ is converted, installed and not hot enough……..

Natural Gas kits used for converting a BBQ from LPG (bottled Gas) to Natural Gas must be sourced from the original BBQ manufacturer, reason being that they have the Gas approval and you know that you have the correct kit. No, not all BBQs are able to be run on Natural gas or approved to run. Gas can be a dangerous product without the skill of a qualified and licensed Gas Fitter.

The BSAA Barbecue Servicing & Maintenance Directory is designed to get you to the right person that can do the correct conversion with the correct kit and the right skills so that you don’t have to worry about lack of heat or it having it leak. Our qualified BBQ Directory members are located throughout Australia, so if you are in Perth, Brisbane, Hobart or any other state there is a qualified business to help. All are vetted by us and perform the correct procedures. BBQ installation experts know the pitfalls and will convert an approved BBQ to a very high standard, otherwise they would not be in the Alliance. From the Gold Coast to WA there will be someone that can do your install right and safely.

Don’t let a Handyman or an unqualified person loose on a barbecue installation, remember how long it takes to become a licensed and qualified Gas Fitter and the exams they have to pass.. So get one that knows what they are doing, OUR BBQ Directory Alliance members are the people to go for, with 5 star service you won’t get anywhere else:



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BSAA was set up by Ross Yarranton as an ‘add-on’ to his BBQ Consulting and repair business owing to the many calls he was getting from all parts of Australia for similar BBQ services that are provided by Companies in Perth Western Australia. ‘Where can I get my BBQ fixed?’- NSW ‘Can this BBQ be converted to Natural Gas?’- Brisbane ‘Do you sell BBQ Spare Parts?’- Melbourne ‘Can you come out and service my BBQ as the ignitions don’t work?’ – Sydney ‘Where can I get my BBQ cleaned?’- Perth WA …and the list goes on.. So, he decided to set up a business that works on a map location basis that enables customers to easily find the right person in their area or State that can help. You can find them by Location or Service. These may be multiple businesses that may provide the same service but are good enough to be in the ‘Alliance’ to give more choice.. Businesses are picked by their own reviews and their BBQ expertise or if they are service agents for any BBQ Manufacturers like Barbeques Galore or GasMate etc., New businesses can also join via the website but are vetted by...